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What a Pain in the Neck!

Most of us know that there are many causes of neck pain. What some of us may be less familiar with is that most cases of neck pain can be quite easily resolved when your practitioner looks at the issue as a whole, not just the bit that's sore.

The most common cause of neck pain is prolonged periods with your head sitting forwards on the neck, called anterior head posture. There are many things that can create this forward pull, a great health professional will be able to figure out what they are and put in place a plan to improve the alignment of your head and neck.

In the picture above, poor BoJack has ALL of the three culprits for neck pain.

His head is sticking forwards.

His shoulders are rounded forwards.

He is slumped forwards in a hunch.

Don’t most of us feel like this after a day at the desk?

Let’s get real! The problem isn’t the particular posture. Our desks, computers and devices are designed in such a way that it is basically impossible not to lean forward throughout the working day. The problems arise when we become unable to fully come out of that posture when we’re not working. If we can’t straighten back up using the muscles of our whole body then our neck has to work really hard, and that hurts.

Here are the important muscles to work on to relieve neck pain:


Deep Neck Muscles

Hip Flexors

It might seem strange as our hips are quite away from your neck, but these muscles are part of the Deep Front Line and have a huge role in pulling your head forwards, and therefore can limit your ability to straighten up again.

Try these stretches out, we’d love to hear how you go.

If you feel like you may need more help resolving your neck pain please call us on 1300 696 783 or book online for a session.

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