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Dr Catherine Farchione is our Senior Integrative Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Nutritionist, and Fertility Coach.

Dr Catherine has 15+ years of experience and is dedicated to providing her patients with a holistic and gentle approach to health. She is passionate about women’s health and fertility and has accumulated many years of experience using acupuncture and herbal medicine successfully.

At a young age, Dr Catherine turned to Chinese Medicine for a health issue she wanted to treat naturally. Her interest in Chinese Medicine grew through her continued experience of the benefits, and combined with her passion for helping others, she decided to pursue it as a career. In her many years of experience, she has developed a special interest in women’s health issues from period pain to fertility and pregnancy support.


Dr Catherine has studied in both Australia and China completing a Bch App Sc (Chinese Med) and Bch App Sc (Human Biology). She has also completed post-graduate studies in Nutrition (AIF).

Dr Catherine enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her husband Lucas and two daughters.

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