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Rotator Cuff – When is a tear not a tear?

There are a lot of nasty rumours about the rotator cuff. Firstly, it is not a The, it’s a They. There are five muscles in the gang, but poor Supraspinatus seems to get picked on by well-meaning but under-informed health practitioners.

Rotator Cuff - When is a tear not a tear?

Poor Supraspinatus gets accused of tearing apart. It gets told it should toughen up and be stronger. But Supra isn’t even the biggest muscle in the gang. Subscapularis is bigger than the other four muscles combined.

Who’s the villain and who’s the victim?

Supraspinatus vs. Subscapularis

Supra’s job is to move the arm outwards. Subsacp’s job is to move the arm inwards. If they have a tug of war, isn’t it obvious who’s going to get hurt? Even the small tears that Supra often endures are actually harmless. They just need the bullying Subscap to back off so they can heal, and function normally again. At ReachHealth, we believe in teaching the bully (Subscapularis) how to be kind and fair, so that the little guy (Supraspinatus) can have a normal, healthy life again. If you or someone you know has a rotator cuff problem, then it’s time to look at the bigger picture. Call 1300 696 783 or book online.


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