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Stiff back? Here are 3 easy stretches you can do in bed.

If you ever get a stiff back, try these 3 simple stretches. Each one only takes 30 seconds.

According to Spine-Health, one of the common underlying causes of back stiffness is tight muscles in your thighs and hips.

Tightness in certain groups of muscles in your thighs and/or hips may alter the biomechanics of your spine.

Tight hamstrings

Your hamstring muscles run through the back of each of your thighs. This large and powerful group of muscles can become tight for a number of reasons, including physical inactivity or a lack of stretching before and/or after working out.

When your hamstrings are tight, they become shorter. These changes can affect the curvature of the lower part of your spine, disrupting the alignment of the spine with the pelvis (hip). As a result, you may feel stiffness in your lower back with or without pain. The stiffness is usually more pronounced when you bend your spine forward.

Tight hip flexors

The iliopsoas muscle in your hip allows you to lift your thigh and bring it close to your body. This action is called flexion of the hip.

Tightness in the iliopsoas muscle (hip flexors) can create stiffness within the segments of your spine. In severe iliopsoas tightness, spinal instability may occur. It is also possible for the surrounding spinal tissues to get inflamed and irritated, generating pain.

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