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Sciatica… What a Pain in the Butt!

We’re sure you or someone you know has suffered from sciatica, or what they’ve been told is sciatica.

Sciatica is a pain that runs from your buttocks, to the back of your legs, and below your knees to your calf or foot.

sciatica, what a pain in the butt


Did you know that Sciatica is the most commonly misdiagnosed form of pain? Sciatic-type pain presents in two different forms; TRUE and FALSE sciatica. Initial symptoms appear very much the same, with only a trained eye being able to see the subtle difference between them.

The good news is that TRUE sciatica is quite rare whilst FALSE sciatica is much more common.

Even better news is that we here at ReachHealth can help with FALSE sciatica!

Here are what we see as the top 3 causes of FALSE Sciatica, all can be treated quickly and easily by a skilled osteopath:

1. Pelvic Torsion

This is when your pelvis twists. The muscles that attach to the pelvis don’t like that, so they cause pain down the leg.

pelvic torsion

2. Tight Muscles at the Side of the Hip

The ITB and the glute muscles can cause irritation at the hip and further down the leg.


3. Tight Calf Muscle

The calf can send pain up the leg in this pattern. It is probably the most common cause of fake-sciatica that we see at the clinic.

tight calf muscle

So come on in & let us sort out that pain in your butt 😊

Check out these exercises that can help with FALSE Sciatica


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