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Plantar Fasciitis: Like walking on broken glass

Plantar fasciitis is a horrible condition that feels like walking on broken glass... especially first thing in the morning. It is a sharp pain in the sole of the foot, but there could be more to it.

Plantar Fasciitis feels like walking on broken glass

Plantar fasciitis is often misdiagnosed and wrongly treated. Most practitioners think that there is only one type of plantar fasciitis. That is simply outdated nonsense.

Plantar Fascia

PLANTAR FASCIA - This is considered the only cause. But it is not even the most common cause.

Calf Muscle

CALF MUSCLES - This one “should” be obvious to any health professional. After all, it does attach directly to the plantar fascia.

Try this stretch for an easy fix.

Tibialis Posterior

TIBIALIS POSTERIOR - This one is less obvious, but ooh look at where it attaches to the sole of the foot. This is one of the most commonly missed causes of plantar fasciitis.

The best solution for this is dry needling or cupping-with-glide. It takes skill to get this treatment right. So please book in with Dr. Ben Faiman or Dr. Tom Tang.


CUBOID SUBLUX - This one is only for Osteopaths. Few other practitioners know how to move this bone back into place.

All of the Osteopaths at ReachHealth are skilled at getting this irritating bone back into place. It gives instant relief and usually only require 2-3 sessions to resolve for good.

plantar fasciitis uncut toenails

UNCUT TOENAILS - This surprises most people. But it’s obvious when you think about it.

If your toenails touch the end of your shoes, then your toes will curl to avoid that annoying contact. The toe-curling muscles are in the sole of your foot AND in your calf. If they are overworked all day, then of course they will cause pain. If you are a runner, then it is even more of an issue.

Simply cut your toenails shorter, especially on the big toe. We have “cured” so many cases of plantar fasciitis just by making this recommendation.

If you want more help stepping ahead with this problem, then come visit ReachHealth 🙂

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