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Dr. Boaz’ Favourite Exercise

Please have a go at Dr. Boaz Gilboa’s personal “fix all” exercise.

Obviously this exercise does not cure covid… But does help almost every part of your body recover from “computeritis”.

​It also helps to open your chest and pump your lymphatic system, which we know is a vital component of our immune response.

If you, or someone you know seem like they are struggling with the “new normal” then please book in with our registered counsellor and psychotherapist, Sia Pickersgill. It is amazing what the right support can do for you. Remember, overwhelm is nearly as heavy on the chest as covid is.

If you are struggling with post-covid fatigue, then please book an appointment with Emma or Catherine for acupuncture & TCM. Your poor organs are exhausted, Emma or Catherine will help get some Chi flowing back into them.

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