Welcome to ReachHealth. Located in Elsternwick, Melbourne – our team of practitioners is committed to helping patients achieve lasting pain relief through osteopathy, massage, and acupuncture. We believe in empowering our patients to become independent by looking at the root cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.


ReachHealth is one of the most trusted clinics in Elsternwick, Caulfield and St. Kilda. We are the preferred provider for most local GPs, because we look at your entire body, not just the bit that hurts. If you want to feel lasting relief from your first visit, AND have relief that lasts then call us on 1300 696 783 or book online now.




Boaz trained at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is very passionate about Osteopathy and finding the unique underlying causes of pain of each patient. Boaz gained additional qualifications in the treatment of chronic pain and has a particular interest in the treatment of disk bulges and sciatica. He also enjoys rehab for back injuries, and he gets great pleasure from showing people just how much they can safely do.


Boaz established ReachHealth in 2010 with the aim of providing the local Caulfield, and Elsternwick community with the highest possible standard of health care.


Boaz is a firm believer in educating and empowering every client to have an active role in achieving their specific treatment goals, and that is why ReachHealth has such outstanding success rates for our patients.



Melanie studied Osteopathy at Victoria University where she attained her Masters in Osteopathy and completed her final thesis on the therapeutic effects of Osteopathic treatment.

Melanie has undertaken further training in chronic pain to develop her understanding the importance of a whole person approach.


One of the aspects Melanie values most about her job is the relationships she develops with her patients, and the satisfaction of providing lasting solutions to those that need them most.


Melanie has a keen interest in treating headaches and for treating patients throughout the journey of pregnancy, as well as providing gentle osteopathic care for children of all ages.



Tom graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science in Osteopathy. He has undertaken further studies in myofascial dry needling, which he frequently integrates into his osteopathic treatments. Tom has a keen sense for where a person’s pain is really coming from, not just the site of pain itself.


Growing up with a strong passion for sports, especially soccer and taekwondo, he currently volunteers as a junior instructor at his local taekwondo club. After experiencing many sporting injuries as a child, he developed an interest in the human body and its ability to recover and move, leading him to pursue a career in Osteopathy. His martial arts training has also added to Tom’s understanding of body mechanics.


Tom believes in patient education and an active approach to recovery, where he finds great satisfaction in being able to help people return to their activities. He has a keen interest in in treating sports injuries, back pain, sciatica and ergonomic related pain. He has a very friendly and professional approach to Osteopathy, and immediately makes his patients feel at ease. Tom is very excited to be a part of the ReachHealth team and to help you feel better!



Callum graduated from Victoria University with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Osteopathy. He has a background in skiing and water polo, along with other water sports to draw experience from. Callum has lived in several different countries growing up, giving him broad experience of many cultures. He has also spent some time as a sport trainer for a local footy club and has some experience with traumatic injuries as well as their rehabilitation. Callum enjoys treating sporting and athletic injuries but also treats all types of musculoskeletal problems including headaches, neck & shoulder pain, and low back pain. He uses a range of treatments such as dry needling, soft tissue, HVLA and mobilisation to achieve the desired outcome.

Callum also does cupping and sports taping.

Callum Campbell - Osteopath


Dr Emma Vanheems is the Founder and Principal of Elsternwick Acupuncture. She is a Registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Nutritional & Functional Medicine Practitioner & Fertility Coach.

Dr Emma has worked in Bayside for over 15 years, growing Elsternwick Acupuncture into a busy and respected Integrative Women’s Health Clinic in Bayside, Melbourne.


She is passionate about educating and supporting women and couples on their health and fertility journey, always striving to achieve the best outcome and providing a safe place where her patients feel supported and confident under her care. Emma believes that optimal health and wellbeing are achieved through a holistic approach to health and will often work in collaboration with other health care professionals to provide you the best care.

Dr Emma has studied extensively in both Australia and China completing a 5-year double degree (RMIT), Clinical Internship (Jiangsu Provincial Hospital, China) and further post-graduate studies in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM). She has a unique concurrent background in pharmaceuticals which drives her passion for learning and research, ensuring her patients are provided with the most up-to-date, innovative, and evidence-based treatment.

Dr Emma enjoys exercising, cooking, and spending time with her husband Liam and two spirited children Isla and Hudson!



Dr Catherine Farchione is our Senior Integrative Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Nutritionist, and Fertility Coach.

Dr Catherine has 15+ years of experience and is dedicated to providing her patients with a holistic and gentle approach to health. She is passionate about women’s health and fertility and has accumulated many years of experience using acupuncture and herbal medicine successfully.

At a young age, Dr Catherine turned to Chinese Medicine for a health issue she wanted to treat naturally. Her interest in Chinese Medicine grew through her continued experience of the benefits, and combined with her passion for helping others, she decided to pursue it as a career. In her many years of experience, she has developed a special interest in women’s health issues from period pain to fertility and pregnancy support.


Dr Catherine has studied in both Australia and China completing a Bch App Sc (Chinese Med) and Bch App Sc (Human Biology). She has also completed post-graduate studies in Nutrition (AIF).

Dr Catherine enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her husband Lucas and two daughters.



Louise has over 25 years’ experience in the massage industry and is a fully qualified Vodder Therapist and member of the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA).
Her extensive training and experience in treating Lymphoedema –from Primary to Secondary, Lipoedema and Mixed Lymphoedema –enables her to maintain the highest standard of care and treatment for patients.
Early access to Lymphoedema treatment can prevent the more serious disabling aspects of lymphoedema.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage:

  • Speeds the healing process and recovery time after surgery or sports injuries, by reducing swelling and bruising.

  • Reduces scarring, especially after an operation.

  • Eases the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

  • Aids in the relief of migraines, headaches and neuralgia.

  • Kick-starts any detox programme.

  • A very gentle and relaxing massage that can benefit everyone.

Lymphoedema Practitioner
Phone: 0415 373 981
MAA Member