Lower Body Exercises

Gluteal StretchMonday

The buttocks are big, strong muscles. When they are tight they can cause back pain, hip pain, and even knee pain. This simple buttock stretch can be done anywhere.

Quad StretchesTuesday

This simple quads stretch can help to relieve thigh pain, knee pain, and back pain.

Calf StretchWednesday

This stretch feels great. It is excellent for relieving knee pain, and thigh pain and is one of the most important stretches for lower-back pain

Ankle Strength & MobilityThursday

This exercise looks easy, yet it is quite challenging. This version of ankle rotating is very helpful or shin pain, ankles stability, and for some forms of anterior knee pain

Inner Thigh StrengthFriday

This inner thigh (Adductor) strengthening exercise is great to pelvic instability, some knee pains, and lower back. These muscles are very important stabilisers.