Headaches & TMJ exercises

Temporal Massage for TMJ PainMonday

This self-massage is good for headaches at the side of your head. These are often caused by tension and by jaw clenching. A thorough practitioner will check your TMJ (jaw joint), to assess if it part of your headache.

Neck Sit-Ups for Neck StrengthTuesday

This exercise is great for strengthening the deep muscles at the front of your neck. The neck is a very common cause of headaches. Having a strong stable neck helps to reduce headaches.

Chin Tucks by the WallWednesday

An excellent exercise for gently stretching the muscles at the base of the skull (sub-occipital muscles). It is these muscles that hurt during a tension headache.

Towel Pull for Jaw DecompressionThursday

The jaw joint (TMJ) is a major cause of headaches that is very often ignored by health professionals. This exercise decompresses the jaw, and stretches the tight muscles at the back of the neck. It is an excellent treatment for TMD (Tempro-Mandibular Dysfunction).

Chicken Head for Neck & TMJFriday

This is the classic exercise for neck strengthening and mobility.