Back Pain Exercises

Buttock Clenching & Relaxing for Lower Back & Sciatic ReliefMonday

Pseudo-sciatica is often caused by the buttock muscles. They are sometimes too tight, and sometimes too weak. This exercise teaches buttocks to alternately tone up and then relax.

Calf Stretch for Lower Back ComfortTuesday

The calf muscles refer pain to the side of the lower back. This is NOT sciatica and is easy to treat in just 3 sessions. If you get relief from this exercise, then call ReachHealth, because we can resolve your pain even if it has been there for a long time.

Glute Med (GlutiusMedius) Strength for Lower Back StabilityWednesday

The buttock muscles at the side (Gluteus Medius) are important in stabilising your pelvis. This exercise makes them strong so that they can support your pelvis and lower back.

Quads Stretch for Lower Back ComfortThursday

This simple stretch can relieve back pain within minutes.

Reverse Step-Ups for Lower Back Coordination and StrengthFriday

This easy exercise returns coordination and strength to people who have had chronic back pain and pelvic instability.