Caroline McKenna Remedial Massage Therapist & Reflexologist

I am an experienced Bodyworker and Healer of 15 years. The expression of our health occurs on multiple levels of Mind, Body and Energy. Using multiple modalities, Caroline can tailor-make treatments in order to assist you whether you are experiencing physical pain, dis-ease, or emotional pain.

Remedial Massage

A great Massage is about finding all those ‘sore spots’. The magic is having the right technique, which melts muscles under my fingertips. Adding Trigger Point Therapy is like adding the cherry to the cake. Whether your concern is headaches, back pain or sore neck and shoulders or sports injuries, I can release the pain discomfort and tension quickly, easily and confidently.

Pregnant ladies

You are in good hands. I have worked with a top obstetrician using massage and Reflexology during both pregnancy and at a birth. There are reflexes to help with morning sickness, back and hip pain, Reflux, insomnia. As well as to boost energy levels, turn the baby and to help if you are overdue.


As a qualified Reflexologist, I can work points on your feet, hands or ears to balance organs and glands or treat a specific condition such as digestive problems, Insomnia, CFS, hormone imbalances, as well as emotional stress and anxiety and fatigue. (Reflexology can be incorporated into a 90-minute Massage booking or in a 30, 45 minute or 60-minute session.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This gentle Massage works to help with fluid retention, swelling from sports injuries, swelling in the face, hands and feet during pregnancy and sinusitis. It can be incorporated into your Remedial Massage treatment for small areas of treatment or for a full cleanse of the lymphatic system book a 90-minute session.

Energetic Healing

For those who have ‘tried everything’ to fix their health, energy healing can produce amazing results in the most complicated of cases, regardless of how long you have been suffering. Energy is brought through my hands into the body whilst you relax blissfully on the table. It can help you align with, and experience who you truly are at your deepest essence so that you feel you are on your path.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’)

Tapping into the body where you store trauma and pain at a cellular level is the fastest counselling therapy I have found in my 15 years to date. A psychologist-client of mine told me she got more out of one session of EFT than she did from 4 months of therapy.

I have successfully helped people with depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, weight loss, chronic pain and illness. The unconscious mind takes us to the route cause of your issue and together we re-wire the mind and shift energy in the body to restore peace and wellness. Whatever is holding you back in your life past or present I can help you.

Qualifications and training.

Remedial Massage Diploma, Remedial Therapies (Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic drainage, sports medicine, nutrition, sports nutrition, Iridology, counselling) Diploma, Cert III Reflexology, Intuitive bodywork, NLP practitioner, ‘Journey Practitioner’, EFT practitioner, Reiki Practitioner. Reconnective Healing Practitioner, R.E.S.E.T (jaw)