Carisma Martorejo Naturopath

Carisma is dedicated to working in a holistic framework that recognises the importance of a balanced emotional/ spiritual & physical body. Following the principles of Naturopathic medicine, she believes that each person has the innate quality to heal and therefore thrives on educating and supporting every client through this process.

She holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy & Nutritional medicine) and is also a qualified yoga and prenatal yoga teacher who regularly practices Ayurveda and mindfulness meditation into her daily life. She draws on these elements of both traditional and evidence based medicine to ignite the vital force.

With an authentic Naturopathic approach, Carisma specifically focuses on a mind- body connection and makes this an integral part of her treatment. Services include herbal and nutritional medicine, diet and life style coaching, Australian Bush Flower essence readings and Iridology.

Carisma will design a treatment program working specifically with your priorities that are clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Initial consultations include:

  • A full naturopathic overview of health conditions and health history
  • Setting realistic and measurable goals
  • Providing the appropriate dietary suggestions for the individual
  • Physical examinations: Iris analysis, skin, tongue, nails and vital signs
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Meal planning
  • Education and addressing nutritional deficiencies and its manifestation in mood, sleep, reproductive, hormonal, skin immune and digestive complaints, weight loss/ gain and many more.

Other services:

Integrative Pathology Testing: hormones, Thyroid, CDSA, food allergy testing, liver detox profile, inflammation, heavy metal analysis and nutrition.

Private Health Rebates available:

Please inquire for more information.


Tuesdays and Fridays

Initial consultation: 60-75 minutes – $120

Follow up standard – $75

Follow up long -$85